Birthday – it’s hard to believe

Yes, today is the day, day of my birthday. I am 40 year old and I am feeling great!

The last year has given me more blessings than I deserved, lot of time to think about what is relly important to me, new friends and finally peace of mind.

I found a job that satisfies me and which has an atmosphere of trust and respect. It is a job that I like and in which I develop professionally.

I feel loved and I love.

The advice I would give to my younger self is:

  • Everything happens for a reason and has its purpose. Always think with your head, don’t let others think for you!
  • Try not to think too much. Always follow your dreams, and never let anyone tell you what you can or can not do!
  • Fall in love with yourself if you want to fall in love with other self(ves),
  • Don’t worry to much and relax. It’s seriously all gonna turn out fine,
  • Never doubt that you also deserve to be happy,
  • Be patient and work hard.

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